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Who is Sir Bob Jones? A Look Into The Life of Newest Member of The NZ Billionaire Club

Sir Robert Edward “Bob” Jones has recently joined the list of New Zealand billionaires, as announced on the NBR Rich List. According to reports, Jones has successfully doubled his net worth in the past six years, effectively landing him a spot on the NZ Billionaire Club. The boost in his earnings is all thanks to his company Robt. Jones Holdings Ltd. 

In mainstream media, there are plenty of descriptions pertaining to Sir Bob Jones. From his ingenuity in growing his wealth to controversial racism accusations, many views in politics, business, and social standpoint have defined Jones differently. However, it is still important to look at his history as a whole.

Sir Bob Jones was born in New Zealand on the 24th November of 1939. In his early years, he was known to be an avid fan of boxing. Having earned an award in boxing when he played in his alma mater the Victoria University of Wellington, he also contributed to Salient, the university’s paper, by writing about boxing.

Investing in commercial property via his company had brought an almost steady increase in his wealth. Aside from his business ventures, Jones is also known as a former politician. He founded the short-lived party-list libertarian New Zealand Party in 1983 to 1986 opposing several socialist policies implemented by the New Zealand National Party. He immediately disbanded the party after most of his policies have been implemented after the elections. He was made a Knight Bachelor in the 1989 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to business management and the community. However, there had been petitions for revoking said knighthood from Jones due to his infamous commentary in 2018.

Although regarded as a brilliant businessman, some critics still find themselves appalled by some of the former politician’s actions and statements. One of which was Jones’ 1985 punching scandal against TVNZ reporter Rod Vaughan on the nose. Not only was he convicted with four charges of assault but he was also fined $1000. He also had problems with the New Zealand airport, which led him to purchase his own jet for his own executive use in 2015.

In more recent happenings, Jones has acquired new property in Wellington’s Central Business District for more than $10 million. There is still more to watch out from the 79-year-old business and property tycoon.

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