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Keeping The Flame Of Your Marriage

Grow together in your spiritual life

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First and foremost, marriage is a spiritual relationship. Marriage is sacred. It does not begin and end with paper. A spiritual marriage surpasses the physical and emotional aspect of humanity. It dwells in the deepest part of your consciousness, therefore it should not be taken for granted.


Here are the ways you can make sure that the fire in your marriage burns with passion:



Check yourself

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Change your perspective to go inward then out in the challenges you face in your marriage. It means that when trials come, you only see the wrong your partner did, you end up pinpointing them and start to set aside yourself, thinking that you have not done anything wrong. You don’t see the whole picture because there’s bitterness in your heart. By starting to address the situation and not the person, you prevent a bigger chance of misunderstanding. Learn to communicate, listen and talk.



Pay attention

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It would make your partner happy if you remember what they like. Don’t stop making your spouse happy. In order for this happiness to stay alive, it requires two thing, alertness and attentiveness. Take notes of what they usually mention when they start to browse on their favorite online store that could also help you in finding a gift they would definitely love.



Learn to make surprises

Being one of the powerful ways to show your love to your partner, everyone just loves surprises. Surprises add spark to your relationship, no matter how little that is. If you plan to be extra this coming days, try sending her a bouquet in her office for no reason, leave her a note saying “Breakfast is waiting for you. Know that I’ll always love you”, or send her a package with a set of what she’s supposed to wear on your dinner night and send her a text “Surprise! I am still mesmerized by your beauty as much as I did the first time I laid my eyes on you. See you, honey! I love you!”



Communicate, or let it go

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Marriage is a covenant made by couples “’til death do they part.” You may find a reason to end your marriage but you should find a way to stop it. However, should there be circumstances that will ultimately lead to separation, let it be so if the relationship cannot be rekindled in any way. It’s better to move on from something out of your control.

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