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The 7 Types of Love You (Hopefully) Experience in a Lifetime

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word ‘love’ varies, depending on the situation a person is currently in. If you’re currently a single mother, you might think of your child. It might be your partner back when you were still in a romantic relationship. It also might have been your family dog when you were still a toddler. Here are the 7 types of love one can hope to fully experience with their time on earth.


  1. Philautia (Self Love)

Not to be confused with narcissism, philautia is the healthy kind of self-love. You can only freely extend your love to others once you have learned to feel compassion for yourself.


  1. Eros (Erotic Love)

Eros represents passion and desire. This the intense form of love that provokes a person’s romantic and carnal feelings. This mainly focuses on pleasure thus it tends to burn out faster than the other forms.


  1. Ludus (Playful Love)

This one has a little bit of eros in it but can be best defined as the affection between young lovers. Ludus is the fluttering of your heart and the short feelings of elation when flirting or teasing with someone you are interested in.


  1. Philia (Affectionate Love)

This is what we know as friendship. Greeks value philia above eros because it is the love between equals. This type does not have the fleshly attraction; this is the loyalty and camaraderie felt among friends.

  1. Storge (Familial Love)

Closely resembling philia, this kind of love is on direct association and familiarity. This is a natural form of affection often between parents and their offspring. Storge can also be found among friends since childhood, frequently described as a bond ‘as if related by blood.’


  1. Pragma (Enduring Love)

This is matured and developed through the years such as in married couples or friendships that have endured a long time. This one is not easily found, unfortunately, because it grows from the effort on both sides.


  1. Agape (Selfless Love)

Considered as the highest form, this is what we know as unconditional love. Some even call it spiritual love. Simply said, agape is a love that accepts and forgives. This love is pure, free from expectations, and a compassion that sees past the flaws of others.

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