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Get Your Creativity Back!

Does your job rely on creativity? Whether you’re an artist, writer, or designer, there’s no surprise if your mind got stuck at least once in your career. It’s especially frustrating when you have a deadline to meet. What you need is to reset your mind by improving your existing process or finally try exercising (yes, you read it right). You can read lots of articles online about the benefit of working out not just to the physical bodies but minds as well.

Improve your creative process. Try collaborating with others. Unpredictable flashes of genius ideas are rare so engage with and learn from other people.  You can also find inspiration from existing works by doing your research. Do something you love, it will help you relax and avoid stress. You can even unplug or simply do nothing because some of the best ideas come when you’re not squeezing your brain for output.

Exercise will get the creative juice flowing.  Pick a sport where your mind can wander. Don’t choose extreme ones, though, that require your undivided mental attention. You can try biking or swimming. Be patient with the process. Don’t expect perfect results immediately especially if you’re a beginner.  Allot sufficient time and make it a habit as well. Exercise long enough for both your mind and body to relax. Avoid distraction, especially from gadgets, and choose music where you can still hear yourself think if you need to listen to some.


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