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Gordon Ramsay Teaches Basics to Aspiring Business Owners

With an estimated net worth of ‎$190 Million, Gordon Ramsay is the only chef to make it on Forbes’ Celebrity 100. He is famous for his hot-headed persona on kitchen shows but the chef does not bring home the bacon by only being a TV personality. 


Gordon managed to become a top restaurateur with 35 high-class restaurants all around the world by starting out as a hotel restaurant employee with big dreams. Just like other successful moguls, there are a lot of lessons from Gordon that anyone who wishes to reach their goals can learn from.



Gordon thinks that everyone should take the time to master their craft just like he did. Nobody wants to dive into the risky world of business without first learning as much as one possibly can about it.


Business owners usually decide to pursue something where they have experience in and are educated about. Like Gordon, restaurant owners often begin as chefs who work day and night to perfect their skills. Due to years of exposure in the field, they have better insight into the best location, type of customers, and employees they should have.


Gordon says that he has seen business owners get complacent through the years, but those who continue to learn and improve their skills propel farther than their competition.


You should never stop making an effort to learn new things even if it feels like there’s nothing more to know. Somewhere out there, there’s always a better idea or method to improve what you’re practicing. See, knowledge is indeed power.



Many business owners feel the need to control everything from finances to marketing. Sure, doing so will make them feel as if everything is going well. However, it is important to know when jobs should be handed to other people.


It’s understandable to feel hesitant about letting go of some big responsibilities. If you think about it, Gordon owns 35 restaurants globally all the while starring in TV shows such as MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen. Obviously, one chef cannot personally run all the kitchens and yet the restaurants continue to attract customers and live up to their expectations.


That is because Gordon knows how to select and train his staff well enough so he can trust leaving his restaurants to them. See, even the all-around perfectionist knows his limits.



Despite making it far in the restaurant industry and successfully establishing his brand, Gordon still faces competition every day. His restaurants are located in prominent places from London to New York where customers have countless options among eateries.


He decided to view his rivals in a healthy way – a challenge instead of a reason to pout. Gordon says that competition keeps him on his toes and makes running a business exciting.


Look at your business competitors as the drive you need to work harder and come up with better results. Don’t let yourself fall behind. Focus on creating your best outcome instead of outputs that are merely “better than theirs.”

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