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Problems That Long-term Couples Encounter In Bed

Harmony and a mutual feeling of pleasure in love-making are vital to all couples that engage in such intimate relations. After years or even months, those in serious relationships might begin to encounter problems in that department.  While others may think that it’s not really important in a loving relationship, a changed physical intimacy in a couple usually causes frustration to at least one. Here are the 3 most common problems in bed couples may have in the long run:


1) You have mismatched libidos.

One of them either wants more action or less. When a couple has mismatched urges to be physically intimate, a ‘predator-like’ role may arise and that is not healthy. There are lots of ways to get interested in those with lower drives than their partners. However, those with higher ones should work on being patient and managing expectations. Read this: 9 Vital Tips for the Partner With a Higher Drive.


2) There’s no more action, whatsoever.

Another common issue in love-making is the loss of it entirely. This does not apply to couples who do not lie with each other at all. Both should figure out what changed and why in order to address the problem. While stress and boredom are valid reasons, one person might be having an affair. Check out 12 Real Couples Reveal Why They Don’t Do It Anymore. The best solution is to try again and have open communication with your partner about what works in bed and not.


3) It got boring and one isn’t open to changes.

Especially if the couple has been together for a long time, it may feel like there’s no longer passion when making love. Think creatively of ways to bring back the excitement and try to be open to each other’s fantasies. If you find it too unsettling, just make sure that you won’t let your partner think they’re ‘perverted’ and should be guilty. Try reading 11 Ways To Make It More Fun, Intense, And Intimate

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