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What Is It Like Settling For Less Than What You Deserve

There are certain reasons why people settle for less. As a matter of fact, almost all of us lay down in the comfort of it. We tend to settle for things which are less than we deserve, knowing that we won’t actually get hurt. Some will agree with this truth, some won’t, but whether we admit or not, we stick to it – GLLLLUUUUEED even – because we are scared of not achieving our desired goal or not meeting the standard we have set for ourselves, in short, WE ARE COWARD and playing safe.

We settle for monotonous lives, fruitless or passionless careers, demanding relationships, and to top it, all fake friendships. Even though deep down, we know that we could and we know that we should look for meaningful and fulfilling ones. We are not to store pointless and boundless things, if we would, please.

Staying in this kind of state will enormously make us feel like there is something lacking in our lives. Something is missing, something is not just there – incomplete. No matter how much we enjoy the ease it gives, there’s a loophole. We might fool ourselves at some point but there will always come a time where we will be reminded that we are capable of so much more and this is not what we deserve.

It will make us doubt ourselves and worse, could lead to depression. “Too much? Am I really too much to handle?”, “If I lower my standard, perhaps, they’ll accept me.”, “Did I go overboard?”, “I’ll watch my mouth next time and won’t share too much about myself, they might misunderstand me.” Question. Statement. Question. Statement. These come into our mind in the middle of the night. We start to doubt even our worth, ourselves, of what we actually could only receive. We self-doubt and it brings along her friend, little miss anxiety, and that’s where depression comes in. Depression that brings pessimism about the future, which makes us avoid responsibilities and just wants to be isolated, though at times join groups to hide and forget what we feel.

And the truth is it circles around pretentious. And pretending to be okay with something that is not okay with you will not last long. One day, it will haunt us in our dreams depicting what we lost in giving ourselves the things that are not meant for us to have. But the good news is, this could be for the meantime if that’s what we’ll choose.

Remember that everything that is worth having is risky. We must learn to jump, to avoid the “WHAT IFS” in our lives. Let’s choose to take a step out of it and figure our real worth and what we truly deserve, and we will automatically reject anything that causes us to lose ourselves and value.

Now, we just have to fall in love again with ourselves, hold on to what we really desire and ruin the walls that keep us from happiness.

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