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Getting Out of a Rut

Stuck in the same spot in your life? My friend, you might just be in a rut. Despite doing your best in daily routines, you cannot shake off the feeling that you’re not actually getting anywhere. You don’t feel as excited with your usual activities and it seems like you are not a step closer to your goals.

Most people don’t even realize that they are in a rut until the frustration becomes unbearable. It starts with feeling like each day is EXACTLY the same so your main goal is to just get through it. You feel unmotivated to do tasks and you can’t seem to find your interest and creativity. Eventually, you go on too long with the same pattern because doing anything else felt uncertain and risky.

In order to get out of it, identify the source first. Is it because of your job? Is it because of your romantic partner? Even your family, friends, and hobbies can be causing this discontent. Recognize and accept the problem but do not dwell on it.

Assess your wellness and take care of yourself. Put in enough hours of sleep, eat healthy, spend time with people that care about you, relax outdoors, and exercise daily. Taking care of your mind, heart, and body will allow you to stay focused and energized.

Break the negative cycle by switching up your routine. Have some fun and attempt something new. Go back to a hobby you haven’t done in years, meet new people, or finally try the things you thought were too scary or weird back then.


Keep doing those until you no longer feel bored or unsatisfied with your life. Now that your morale has gone back up, you are now ready for a more active approach. Consider what lifestyle changes you need and rethink your life goals. Work on them with enthusiasm and practice positive reinforcement. Reward yourself especially when completing major steps.

If you ever get stuck in a rut again, you already know what to do. Persevere in sticking to your new plans and don’t be shy to ask for help should you feel that doing this all by yourself would be hard or impossible.

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