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Practice these 5 habits and become productive!

Regardless if you’re a student, unemployed, or working in one or more jobs, you need to maximize each and every day to make sure you get closer to your goals. While being motivated and hardworking comes almost naturally to some people, others still need to work on their daily habits to make the most out of a few hours. Here are 5 ways to help you do exactly that:


1) Make lists and allot time. This will allow you to visualize all tasks for the day and help you organize the logical order. And isn’t seeing them crossed off one by one just satisfying? When you get stuck in a task, just look at your list and do the next one. If things suddenly came up, adjusting your plans is easier. We recommend that you build up the tasks and do this first thing in the morning. If possible, specify a time limit for each chore.


2) Limit distractions. In the modern world, the greatest distraction is technology. People are so attached to their gadgets and the internet that they tend to entertain themselves way too much thus wasting valuable time. Limit yourself to a few minutes or hours. If you need to use gadgets in your work, avoid ‘short’ breaks and unnecessary surfing.


3) Note down thoughts immediately. Sometimes, good ideas come when you least expect them to. Make sure to jot them down on paper or save on your phone instantly. You can reflect on these ideas later in the day. Maybe one of those ‘ah-ha’ thoughts is your best one yet.


4) Define your own kind of success and do not compare it to others’. We all have different capabilities so be ambitious yet realistic when defining what a productive day means to you. Do not envy others’ progress and focus on your own plans and goals. Dwelling on how much they’re better and feeling down that you can’t do the same will get you nowhere.


5) Embrace mistakes and keep moving forward. A few bumps along the way are predictable. Do not get discouraged and decide that you’re done for the day. Redeem yourself and work on another task to reset your mind. The worst that can happen is you don’t finish a chore because you kept on moving to the next one. The bright side, however, is that you’ve started to work on other tasks so finishing them will take less time. Be careful in making this a habit, though; try your best to complete one first before moving on to the next.

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