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Rising Through Hardships With A Purpose

Carrying a load of stress and uncertainty is an indescribable feeling. It weakens you physically and emotionally, and will take a toll on your personal relationships. Having problems is a challenge in itself because you still have to push forward and create a facade of yourself looking better and good.

There will come a time when the only possible thing to do is to give up and let the crushing weight of your problems engulf you. However, your mindset is what really matters when trials come your way. Helplessness is a normal feeling when all seems to go bad. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your emotions because they are valid and demand to be felt. The issue that is remaining is whether you are willing to stand up after the fall.

The challenges we face can break us or make us, but focusing on the latter increases the chance of our survival and will definitely keep us strong in the long run. Enduring hardships and stress will make you a better person and a tougher one. Here are some things you should remember when facing a challenge:


Pain has an end.

Stress and hardship are extremely painful. Life is not fair, in fact, we might feel like life plays games on us. Keeping your faith, and moving forward will make your problems work directly in your favor. When you’re stressed, keep your eyes on the prize. If you choose to keep moving forward you will eventually reach the light at the end of the tunnel.


Time heals all.

The difficulties you face do pass and as time moves on, so should you. You are capable of turning errors into triumphs. You should make sure to focus on working hard and finding a level of acceptance for the situation you are in, solutions will come and the challenge will end.


Your journey ends in your survival.

Challenges teach you that you are capable of survival. The endgame to your problems will lead you to come out stronger and more successful. Nothing teaches you more about getting through your self-doubts then forcing yourself to get through them, head first. Remember that each challenge you face is part of a design that ends in your benefit,

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